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No Callus™ Foot Scrubber

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Do you find yourself dangerously bending down trying to balance on one foot to clean the bottom of your feet? Getting your feet clean in the shower isn’t always the easiest and safest, especially while standing on a wet slippery shower floor, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Great for seniors or those with a limited range of motion like arthritis, hip, knee, back pain, athletes, injuries, pregnancy, and more.

✅ NO MORE CORNS & CALLUSES: Revitalize your feet with your all in one foot care solution, get rid of calluses, stubborn corns and dead skin, Great for aching and tired feet.

YOUR OWN PERSONAL FOOT MASSEUSE: The high quality pumice stone and outer bristle’s, exfoliate your feet, while the soft inner bristles gently massage. Say goodbye to cracked heels and hello to baby smooth soft skin

ELIMINATE FOOT ODORS EFFECTIVELY: This Foot Scrubber is a must-have hygiene tool that comes with more than 11000 bristles so you easily get in between your toes and deep clean, eliminating odor causing bacteria and athletes foot. The antibacterial bristles and mildew resistant TPR plastic means you won’t have to worry about the bacteria growth

MUST HAVE FOR SENIORS: The flexible suction cups grip securely to the surface of your shower or bathtub. So no more bending, straining or risk of falling trying to clean your feet. Must have for the entire family especially seniors, perfect foot care treatment for diabetics

IMPROVED CIRCULATION: Good circulation is vital to our health. Foot massages are one of the ways to improve lower body circulation for a happier and healthier you


1 x Shower Foot Scrubber



Q: How do you use it correctly?
A: Suction it to the floor. For extra stability step on one of the side wings with one foot while you brush the other foot.

Q: Does it clean between the toes well?
A: Absolutely, the foot cleaner brush is designed to scrub every area of the foot including in between the toes. The bristles are firm, stiff and thick enough to exfoliate and massage the feet perfectly.

Q: I where size 8.5 shoes, will my feet fit on this?
A: Yes, of course, it's fits most feet.

Q: In addition to hanging the scrubber to dry, I would want to clean it periodically. What cleaning products would be safe to use?
A: You can use any antibacterial soap to kills germs & rinse thoroughly with hot water.