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Quick Defrost Tray

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Defrosting food in the microwave is quick, but let’s fat drip into food and can leave it slimy. On the other hand, conventional thawing takes hours, and makes bacteria fester in the food. Not with the new Quick Defrost Tray! It is the best way to defrost your meat fast and evenly. No chemicals. No radiation. Just simple science!

FASTER AND SAFER DEFROSTING: Thaw any frozen food faster than before with our Quick Defrosting Tray. It is built with a special metal that has several times the thermal conductivity of ordinary metals, reducing the thawing time for frozen food by half or more without the added stress of bacteria infestation. 

PORTABLE: Up until now, defrosting rapidly on the campsite or any outdoor space wasn’t possible. But with the Quick Defrosting Tray, thaw frozen food anywhere! It does not rely on electricity or batteries, and its compact size makes it perfect for defrosting on the go!

NON-STICK AND EASY TO CLEAN: Our defrosting tray is made of high-density aluminum and treated with a nonstick coating, so your steak or chicken won’t stick to the surface, making it easier to remove.

THAW FOOD NATURALLY AND EVENLY, RETAINING ALL THE NUTRIENTS: Thanks to this unique defrosting tray, your food will be perfectly defrosted. The food’s natural moisture is retained and nutrients are not lost when thawed, giving you the perfect taste. 

BONUS DRIP-TRAY: With our unique Quick Defrost Tray we are giving you a complimentary drip-tray that collects the thawing water to prevent the liquid from overflowing off the plate and spreading across your kitchen counter. What's more, you can pour hot water into the drip tray to speed up the defrosting process!


Thickness of defrosting tray: 35.5x20.5x0.3cm
Special features: No Heat, no electricity, no chemicals
Material: Aluminum alloy 

1 x Quick Defrost Tray


Q: Can I defrost my frozen meat in the ziplock?
A: Yes, you can!

Q: How can I speed up the thawing process?
A: Put hot water in the drip tray for faster defrosting!

Q: Can you safely thaw shrimp and scallops?
A: Thanks for your question. Yes, it is safe to thaw shrimp and scallops with this defrosting tray. Our defrosting tray can defrost any food most naturally and healthily, as it is made from high-density aluminum and treated with a nonstick coating.

Q: How long does this defrosting tray take to defrost frozen food?
A: Depends on the size of frozen food, room temperature, and other factors, but typically about half an hour. And we suggest all pieces on this defrosting tray be manually flipped every 5-10 minutes.