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The Ultimate Pocket Backpack

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Your ultralight weight Travel Companion, The most Portable & Foldable Mini Bag. 

What does this product do?

The Foldable BackPack is for People who value convenience and FREEDOM!
Whether you enjoy hiking, biking or just walking around exploring the city - this foldable backpack gives you the freedom to to move around without the feeling of a giant, hot bag on your back.
If you’re like me, usually you just grab your keys and wallet (and helmet if you ride) - shove them in your pocket and you’re off…
Flying down the highway, hiking up a hill or out to grab a coffee before checking out the downtown core…
You feel free, as you were born to be - no slack pulling you back on your bike… no extra weight keeping you from climbing that hill.
You wore everything you’d need that morning…
But then you’re stuck carrying around your helmet, sweater or gear the rest of the day and nobody likes seeing a giant pile of STUFF sitting in the middle of the table during a date or while out for lunch!
So what do you do?
You grab a backpack so you don’t have to deal with all that headache later - but MAN! - it’s annoying AF having anything on you, when all you want to do is RIDE (or hike, or climb).
You know that feeling when you’re forced to bring a big bag to carry everything… It sucks!
Well my friend, I have a solution for you.
I designed this foldable backpack specifically for the guy (or gal) who loves to be active and free - with NOTHING weighing you down while you pursue all that life has to offer.

The bag can literally be used for ANYTHING. And it can be packed down into a small, Palm-sized pouch that literally fits in your pocket!
You shouldn’t let anyone take your FREEDOM, especially not your bag!
It’s the backpack for the UNTETHERED SPIRIT.

Why Travel with a Foldable Backpack?

It will make your life so much easier! Imagine never having to carry around a big, half-empty bag just because you need a place for your sweater, helmet and gear later on.
You can literally pop it in your pocket JUST IN CASE it’s needed. You’ll never have to sit there for 5 minutes wondering “Should I bring a bag or not?”
The answer is always going to be YES… because why wouldn’t you?
Need somewhere to put your helmet and gear later? You have a bag for that. 
Girlfriend/wife doesn’t want to carry her heels around after the event? Or her flats to change into? You have a bag for that. 
Need an emergency carry-on because your luggage is “too heavy”? No need to pay the extra surcharge… YOU HAVE A BAG FOR THAT!
It’s a well-made light and compact backpack that can hold 20-22 lbs - and it completely folds into itself to fit in your palm or pocket.

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