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What's more fun than going to a gadget store? Well, getting a similar experience from your own phone from the comfort of your home! My Shopppy unveils a brand new online store that provides customers access to a wide range of smart, useful products at competitive prices. The marketplace is flooded with products we want, this online store is focused on bringing cool products we need in order to make our lives just a little easier. From modern millennial to the old-school generation, everyone can find something useful here. MyShopppy is a team of change-makers, idea people and creative thinkers who are passionate about making a positive impact in people's lives through useful products. The team is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated online store in January 2020 for customers in the U.S. and Canada.

MyShopppy strives to make your shopping experience a personal and pleasurable one. The brand is all about combining philanthropy and making your online shopping experience fun and exciting, with a focus on great service and an ever-growing collection of products, along with ongoing discounts and seasonal promotions. My Shopppy curates the most unique and useful products from all around the world and does this by supporting and collaborating with new emerging companies. New start-ups can grow their brand and to introduce their products to a global marketplace.

My Shopppy aims to disrupt today's crowded marketplace with products that actually makes a difference in our daily lives. Customers can see the latest collections, find inspiration from our diverse collection, sign up for exclusive promotions, enjoy risk-free shopping, and interact with fellow customers on social media, all with a click of a button in every city across the U.S. and Canada.



My Shopppy is all about purpose and as part of its commitment to the wider community, My Shopppy helps people in 3rd world countries to simplify their daily life and tasks through innovative products. It envisions a brighter future where all people are empowered to enjoy the quality of life that comes with access to reliable and affordable products that bring simplified solutions. So while you're searching for that unique gift for your loved one or simply buying something for yourself, why not make you’re spending have a philanthropic effect?

My Shopppy wants to enable shoppers to feel a little better about hitting that “checkout” button. They have integrated your online shopping and giving back to the people who need it most into one seamless transaction. This way our shoppers are able to connect with philanthropic opportunities on a smaller scale.

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