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We at my MyShopppy have always been in awe of human potential, but wondered why with all the ingenuous and innovative ideas we have, our lives seem to be getting more complicated rather than simpler? MyShopppy is part of a movement of successful new start-ups who are proving that profit and philanthropy can coincide and be a winning combination. We connect to consumer's needs by supporting companies making new, innovative, products, so we can disrupt today's crowded marketplace.



LET’S FACE IT, LIFE IS HARD! Think about all those daily struggles you deal with. Perhaps you need a safe and efficient way to clean both sides of your windows simultaneously. Maybe you need help carrying several groceries bags at once. What if we told you that all these problems could be solved by simple, useful products all of which can make your life so much easier! We believe the products we bring our consumers are not only brilliant but necessary!

MyShopppy is a different kind of company with a different perspective. Today’s hectic living requires innovation that actually makes a difference. We founded My Shopppy with the purpose to create a trustworthy and inspiring place to find useful, purposeful products, products that shape our lives, and valuable ideas that bring solutions to everyday living, making your life just a little easier. Whether it’s a life hack that cuts your cooking time in half or a gadget that makes chores easier to do, were always focused on looking for ways to save you time, energy or money, one idea, or innovative product at a time. Sure, in the end what we offer are products, but our purpose is much bigger, we don’t offer products, we offer simpler living!



The dictionary defines shopping as an activity in which people browse goods or services with the intent to purchase. Happy is defined as pleasure, contentment, satisfaction or joy, a happy state of mind. My, is defined as a personal reference to a possession, thing or things that belong to a person. Our vision and core beliefs align themselves exceptionally well with these definitions.

Simply put, MyShopppy strives to make your shopping experience a personal and pleasurable one. Think about those brands you purchase from over and over again, even when there are lower priced options. Why do you choose the ones you choose? Well, there's a good reason for it. The reason we stay loyal to brands is because of their values, the relationships they create with us, and how they affect our lives.

We strongly feel that the best marketing is a satisfied customer, putting people first and adding as much value to their lives as possible, the need for customer care has not changed, sadly times have. This is one of the many things that separates us from the crowd. Our goal is to build relationships with our customers and adding as much value as possible, because retailing products just isn’t enough for us. We strive to provide an euphoric experience that speaks for itself.