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Handy Portable Heater

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You want to stay warm when you’re feeling chilled but you don’t want to raise your heating bill, so you pile on some blankets and maybe put on an extra sweater, still shivering, thinking there must be a  better way to keep your living spaces cozy and comfortable. YES THERE IS! It’s called the Handy Portable Heater.


HEATING POWER: A powerful yet affordable whole room space heater that plugs right into the wall, takes up no space at all and instantly warms up any room up to 250 square feet. Stop freezing your feet on ice-cold bathroom tile.

SAFE & PORTABLE: Up until now space heaters have been big, taking up too much space, the Handy Portable Heater thermo-ceramic design reduces the size and gives incredible heat power. The compact size makes It perfect for travel. Turn any room into a warm and cozy space, safely with the flameproof body, wherever you go.

TRANSFORM ANY ROOM INTO A COZY WARM SPACE: Perfect for chilly areas that have crafty windows and doors. The adjustable thermostat gives you exact temperature control and the two speed fan circulates air to keep you warm in any room of your home, a chilly office, a cold dorm room, or a hallway. Ideal for homes with children and pets, even your sun room, garage or basement workshop can use the warming power of the Handy Portable Heater.

MONEY SAVER: Bulky space heaters can cost up to 100$ or more, get your Handy Portable Heater for way less and save even more on your heating bill, because the efficient output costs just a few pennies a day to run.


350 Watts
Heats up to 250 sq. ft
Adjustable Thermostat 15ºC – 32ºC (60ºF – 90ºF)
Digital LED Display with 12-Hour Programmable Timer
High & Low Speed Settings
Plug Rotates 180º to Fit Any Three-Prong Outlet
Low noise output
Safety Features: Safe Ceramic Heating Element, Stay-Cool Plastic Housing, Auto Shut-Off

1 x Handy Portable Heater



Q: How many volts is this product?
A: Voltage: 120V AC/CA 60Hz.

Q: Can you just leave it on to cycle from its built in thermostat 24/7 or will it only work for whatever you put in the timer?
A: Yes, not a problem, works great, just set the thermostat to your desired temp and leave it 24/7. It will reduce moisture and keep the room cosy. Just make sure no items are too close.

Q: Does the temperature show in F or C?
A: It is in Fahrenheit.

Q: What are the exact dimensions?
A: It has a dimension of 8.5”x 3 1/4”.

Q: Can you set this to automatically go on and off daily?A: You cannot set this heater to go on/off all day. But it will go on/off on its own depending on the temperature of the room and at which temperature you set it to.

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